Sunday, 1 January 2017

Deceased SDBs at Chertsey

Last night we had the delightful company of Br Joe, from Farnborough, during supper.  Sometime during the meals he remembered that the Provincial had asked him to trace out the location of all the tombs of the deceased Salesians.  They did not want to forget someone somewhere.  Given the fact that very many houses have been closed down and properties either handed back to the diocese or sold off or just moved out of, it is very likely that in course of time, some Salesians buried in these places may altogether be lost.

So I volunteered to get the names of those Salesians buried here in the cemetery at Chertsey.  Fr John informed that there are altogether 8 Salesians buried here, besides some Salesian Sisters too.  Two plots of six each I was aware of, but the individual plots of the remaining two I was not aware of.  Luckily Fr John remembers those two deceased confreres.

This morning immediately after the Mass in the Parish I went to the cemetery to get the names of atleast the 12 Salesians buried in the two plots.  I got 6 names but the other 6 names I couldn't as the tombstone has fallen face down and I could not raise it up alone.  The tombs are to be beautified in February, says Fr John.  Till then, here are the six deceased SDBs buried here in Chertsey...

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