Saturday, 21 January 2017

Novena to Don Bosco: Being a man of God

Novena to Don Bosco 
Day 1: Mamma Margaret 
(His own mother) 


Mamma Margaret, the mother of Don Bosco was his first educator, from whom little Johny learnt what it means to live a simple, joyful and convinced life of a poor Christian. Widowed at a very young age and with three sons (one of whom was a stepson), she raised her boys as God-fearing Christians and honest citizens. 
It is not the habit that makes the monk, but the practice of virtue... I would much prefer my son to be a poor farmer than a priest who neglects his sacred duties. 
Said to John Bosco on the day before he was to join the Seminary and receive the cassock to begin his ecclesiastical studies for Priesthood (October 30, 1835) 
I have nothing to say regarding your vocation, except that you should do what God inspires you to do. Do not be concerned on my behalf. You owe me nothing. Never forget that I was born in poor circumstances, have lived in poverty all my life; and I am happy to die poor; ... if you ever become wealthy, I shall never set foot on your doorstep. 
Advice of Mamma Margaret to John Bosco when he was deciding whether to join the Franciscan or the Diocesan Seminary to become a Priest.

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