Wednesday, 18 January 2017

Those who run across the sea...

A quote from a very refreshing new perspective of Nietzsche's philosophy... as that inspired and founded on the philosophy of Herodotus.  Honestly I've never even heard the name of the latter Greek philosopher of the 5th century BC.  But much of what was spoken today by Prof Raymond Geuss  looked sensible and logical.
Those who run across the sea change the sky above them, but not their own internal dispositions (Seneca, Ep. Mor. 17, 12).
It was proposed as a critique of what Herodotus and Nietzsche in a way wish philosophy would actually do: help one view one's own home as a travelling stranger.  For this, the example is Herodotus who travelled far and wide and with prejudice to none!

The idea was that introspection is actually not the ideal for self-knowledge - a direct contrast to the dominant thought, right since the time of Plato.  The alternative proposed: viewing oneself through the eyes of a travelling foreigner.  (There are other implications and conditions involved). 

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