Friday, 6 January 2017

Tug of war

Spending immense amount of time these days reading Husserl and the like, don't feel the winter cold much!  After repeated readings of his own works and that of others about topics he dealt with, I see the point he is trying to make.  The utter comedy of the whole episode is that, he states exactly what I have in mind: reworking philosophy on the founding principles of the early Greek thinkers. The difference however is that he has somehow managed to list out how to and I'm still wondering what is he saying - leave alone what I want to say!

I earlier thought there were two spheres of understanding and operation: the one that we occupy when speaking about religion, faith, and belief and the other, the actual mundane reality of today.  The attempt then was to bridge the divide.  Talk of faith and belief made life so 'smooth' or 'defined'. But life in reality with all its confusions and complexities seem to be anything but what faith says it is, or should be.

Now I realize a third dimension to my world: that of abstract thinking.  As if grounding pious thought was not enough, this highly intellectual stuff is sapping energy!  Worst is this feeling that in the name of making the life-world tangible and substantial (as per Husserl), this does exactly the opposite!  Feel torn apart between keeping my feet on the ground and be of some little help to at least someone, and soaring the heights to change principles that affect a large population.

(Statutory warning: If this post sounds 'heavy', you know whom to blame!)

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