Saturday, 7 January 2017

Visit to the cow

I had a long and interesting conversation with my people this afternoon over the phone. For the first time, my nephew was keen to talk long and he was all excited about 'Mr Bean'!  Anyway, the last laugh was about my niece, Anet.  Mummy informed me that this coming week, Anet's school is taking the kids (all kindergarten children) to see the cow.  Cow?  Yes, she told me, they there taking them to a cow-shed to see cows!

There were days when wild animals were seen, live and free.  Then came days when one had to go to the zoo to see them.  Those days at least domesticated animals were still living with us. Now even to see a domesticated animal one has to go to some 'shed'!  I wonder when will dogs and cats be exhibits?

Poor children!

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