Monday, 2 January 2017

Refugee crisis

Today we commemorate the feast of St Basil. He was associated with Capadocia, a place in today's Turkey.  During Mass Fr Sean reminded us of the need to pray for all the people struggling to live in places besieged by war and strife.

The other day I was talking to a confrere I know who is working in Germany and has done his bit of help for the refugees coming from the Non-European countries.  He was stating how families or children are helped to find a place to live, work and study.  Most often the government pays for their food and study.  Adults are given about €400 and children € 250 per month. While some use this amount for their stay, very many preserve it, just in case their application for visa and stay is rejected. Or even if they plan to return, this money is of great value back in their homeland.  Furthermore the danger of terrorists entering as refugees is also quite possible. Difficult indeed to identify.  Yet no discrimination can be done.  All this is truly noble and good. What more can simple citizens do than open their hearts and homes for these displaced people.

Though such goodwill gestures do make a big difference for those involved, they do not really solve the issue at hand or prevent it from escalating. There is a great danger that civilizations and cultures will be totally transformed, some totally lost, if there are no more people living in a particular place. Even in other places the existing culture and scenario is going to be different if people from other places are to be made comfortable.  Discouragement, dissatisfaction, and unemployment will only be taken advantage of by terrorists. Not to speak of the misery and loss of children (a whole generation).
The real will of politicians and policy makers is the one lacking.  Most politicians think not beyond themselves. Those who do, end with their own group or nation.  Not that every political leader is to think of everyone in the whole world, but every time a decision is made, one ought to keep in mind that there is a world!  And that every decision has its far-reaching consequences beyond the borders of one's political authority.  

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