Thursday, 5 January 2017

Starting afresh

Once while travelling by train along with Fr Wilson, we came across a really naturally lush green stretch of area.  For hours long there wasn't any town or city, perhaps just a couple of villages may be. I told Fr Wilson how peaceful life would be in such a place. He laughed!

At times I have this weird thought:  To leave everything and take off to an unknown remote place and spend time there.  A new fresh start. Not that I would be a different person.  No, I'd still be myself, only not doing the same things as I am doing now.  It is not an escape from something wrong that I've done here but just for a break, a total change.  What would it be to go amidst a totally new people, somewhere far far away, and most importantly in an unsophisticated society. Some place not yet corrupted by this rat-race of time, money, status, position, competition and authority...  and maybe even technology.  Somewhere where one still has to live by the 'sweat of one's brow'.

I suppose, in India one could do that - hopefully.  Start totally afresh. But here in Europe, I doubt if it is possible.  With practically every aspect of an individual digitalized, from birth date to license, to bank account to whatever, it would be very hard to live anonymously! Even to get a job as a farm hand, one may have to apply online!

And that's exactly what Fr Wilson laughed and told me: What would you do in such a place, without internet!!

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