Monday, 9 January 2017

Religious life, narrated by a 'party-loving girl'

There is a new book on sale here in England. Written by a nun, Sr Agatha wherein she speaks of her life in the convent and related stuff.  There is an extract in today's newspaper wherein she describes her emotions and feelings about her fiance.  Just out of curiosity (and a break from reading Husserl!) I read this two page article.  Read the article here. It is refreshing indeed.
Sr Agatha, with her three siblings
The narration is very realistic and truly human.  Shirley (Sr Agatha) makes no pretense of her feeling for him, even till the day he dies.  No pious or patchy expressions to camouflage her feelings and sentiments for him, at various stages of not only her life but his as well.  No lying that love for someone dies or evaporates just because one has become a nun/monk, all the while knowing the implications of one's choices and living by them.

On the whole, the writing and her sincere expression of her deep felt sentiments and thoughts make religious life appear normal. Not some hyperbolic sacrificial saga or a tale of suffering and pain.  

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