Saturday, 18 February 2012

Talupulamma Talli Temple

The other temple that we visited today was the Talupulamma Talli temple near Tuni. The temple is popularly associated with the blessings of newly purchased vehicles. On asking one of the Priests there we were told that Talupalamma was a local goddess who shot to limelight when people began to believe that she appeared in the present location where the temple is built and blessed all those who sought her protection for a safe journey.

No wonder all over the place, on every stone, tree, wall, door or pole one finds the registration numbers of the vehicles painted. They are all over the place.

The Priest also added that initially there was no water available on the hill and the
neighbourhood. Once the goddess appreared there emerged a spring which is since then perennial. The amount of water remains the same in any given season or time of the year. Furthermore, couples longing for a child too are a regular visitors category to this temple.

The temple itself has a good look from far and is picturesque - set against the backdrop of the hills and built at a height and in between two mountains. Another thing that I noticed and felt good about was the availability of waste bins in very many places. Even if people did not use them as they should, at least the temple authorities did make the provision for proper waste disposal. Huge trees too have been preserved and used as places under which the pilgrims can sit and prepare their meals.

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