Saturday, 15 July 2017

Seeing those who saw Don Rua

Only today did I know that Fr Brendan McGuiness, the senior most confrere of the Province and presently resident at Farnborough, aged 90 (and very much still active!) has seen Don Rua in person. During lunch today he said how hard he tried - in vain - to get the attention of historians to record the fact that Don Rua visited Farnborough twice!  He feels bad that nowhere is the visit of Don Rua to Farnborough recorded.  And after his death the only witness to this historic event and this fact too will die!

He narrated how on one occasion in preparation for the centenary of the birth of Don Bosco, there was a video team which came to Farnborough.  Seeing this as a good opportunity, Fr Brendan ran to his room managed to find a picture of Don Rua, pulled out a photo frame from his collection, mounted the picture in it, printed two lines on his computer "Don Rua, first successor of Don Bosco, visited Farnborough twice!" - in bold! - and then ran back to the school chapel and mounted it right at the entrance.

The video team went around the whole campus but did not come to the Chapel!!!

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