Saturday, 22 July 2017


Fr John invited Br Vlastik and me to watch the movie Dunkirk at Vue in Staines today.  Personally it did not really impress me at all.  Perhaps I am comparing it to other historical war movies which were more appealing.

Anyway, was amused by the first comments of people as they walked out of the theatre after the movie.  But before that I think the director and team need to be congratulated for speaking of a rather 'not-so-glorious' moment of British history.  Dunkirk is not about the victory of the British army or navy, as most movies normally are, but about the pitiful retreat of the British army from the marauding Germans.  Truly knowing the context of the war, helps much in understanding the movie better.

Now for the comments...
It is normally I who used to choose boring movies. Today it was your turn. 
The boats were the real heroes. 
Had to shake myself up a few times from falling asleep. 
And the best one...
It was as lame as the warships! 

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