Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Economic immigrants?

The other day one of the local newspapers ran an article stating that 7 out of 10 immigrants who entered Europe in the last one year were economic immigrants.  That is to say that they dared the seas and death itself purely for economic reasons.  That situation back home were not really life-threatening or serious but it was dreams of prosperity that drove people to the European shores.

Well, I would not deny the fact that it could be money that prompted the Africans, Libyans and Syrians to flee their own homeland.  Another reason to support this argument is the gender ratio of those found crossing the Mediterranean sea... it is mostly men folk.  Proportionately there are very few women and children among those rescued or seeking residence in a foreign land.

So I was thinking to myself: Would I leave my homeland for economic gains?  Would I have the heart to leave behind my family, relatives and friends to go to a foreign land where I know that I'd be looked down upon?  Would I be so daring as to even face death by drowning, or shot by the middle-men, be sold in slavery in some other part of the world that I'm trying to escape, or be put in prison even if I make it across safely... such high risk for money?

I believe there is more to economics than purely earning money.  Life is too complicated to be restricted to one factor or aspect of living.   While economic well being may be one of the reasons, may be a strong reason, but that alone cannot drive a person from all that he or she holds dear in life - even life itself.  Situations at home may not be life-threatening, but they certainly are not life-enhancing either!  

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