Friday, 21 July 2017

Critical press

Compared to India, here in the UK, the press enjoys a much more free hand.  The freedom of the press sometimes borders vulgarity, direct insult and even outrageous comedy.  The following are some of the cartoons published in well known and reputed newspapers across the country.  They all take a shot at the none other than the Prime Minister, Theresa May, directly (for her role in the Brexit process).

Honestly I can't imagine such cartoons of our Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi appearing in large colour print (and originals sold in auction!) in our daily papers.  Not only the cartoons, most likely the paper itself may never appear again!  Even if it did, it would be under a different editor or set of journalists. Even if none of this happens, the offices of the newspapers are sure to be vandalized and the offenders never caught.

That people have a right to know, is perhaps the most underlying principle journalists and editors here in the UK go by.  While some newspapers are full of gossip, there are papers worth their ink and even these do not spare some fun and chastisement of those in power.  However, I guess they also ought to be careful of the veracity of what they print, lest they be sued and end up paying through their nose.  Not only the public views and policies of these politicians but even their private lives are not spared from appearing on front pages.  Such high levels of scrutiny by the press of each and every word uttered by the political leaders, ensures that there is a wide range of views expressed and issues discussed in public domain.  

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