Thursday, 6 July 2017

Isaac's trust

Abraham is acclaimed as the father of faith, especially for his act of willingness to sacrifice his only son, at God's command.  It all seems very convincing and courageous.  However, the episode of him going to Moriah with Isaac and his servants, especially the last bit of climb up the hill, alone with his son, all the more when Isaac asks about the sacrificial lamb is quite poignant.

From the eyes of a reader or a listener it creates a sense of wonder or amazement or even repugnance (depends on one's perspective).  However, I wonder what this event meant for Isaac.  To see his own father getting ready to kill him would no doubt scare the life of any child. What kind of relationship would Isaac have with his father henceforth?  Most importantly, would he trust his father ever again?  Furthermore if his relationship with his own father was strained how could he trust in Yahweh who initially demanded for his sacrifice?  Was he then a mere pawn in His plans?  After all Isaac is still a child.  If he were a teenager or an adult, he could have reasoned and seen the "faith" of his father and thereby rationalise his actions, but he is still a child!

The narration extols the faith of Abraham but speaks nothing of the state of Isaac.  

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