Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Places in heaven

Preparations for the 500th anniversary of the Reformation have already been underway since long here in the UK.  Not only Protestant but also all the Churches are trying to get involved in some way or the other in reflecting on not just the event but its aftermath as well.  Hardliners always swing to the extreme and call for greater clarity between one's own Church and other denominations, falling back on the founder's distinctive characteristic.  Like the Orange Order (Ireland) calling on Protestants to refrain from using "RIP" for the dead as they deem it is a prayer for the dead - something they find superstitious and bad.  After all, as per their belief all that one is to earn, of course by faith alone, is here on earth.  Nothing more can be achieved after death.

Anyway, that was what I was distracted with during Mass when I heard the words of the Gospel wherein Jesus tells Salomi, the mother of James and John that the places on either side of him in heaven are for those the Father has allotted.  Is it that they have been earmarked for someone and no matter what or how good one strives to be, one can never ever secure those?  Well, I don't think so.  That they have been allotted does not mean the one's who will occupy them has been finalised down to the particular individual.  But basically the characteristics and virtues of those who get to sit there have been made clear.  It is like the reserved compartments in trains wherein those who have planned their journey, bought the tickets in due time and have paid the required amount are eligible to occupy. Those passengers do not own those seats but are worthy to use them for having fulfilled the requirements.

However, let me also add that I don't think, for those people who really 'deserve to be at the right and at the left of the Lord' in heaven, it really matters where they sit, as long as they are in the presence of the Lord! It is a strange paradox: for those whom it matters, don't deserve; and for those who deserve, it does not matter!

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