Thursday, 20 July 2017

Holiday season

The schools in England, almost all of them, conclude the academic year tomorrow.  And with that the holiday season begins!  Going to some place away from home is one of the essential features of English life, I guess.  So everyone keeps asking me where am I going for holidays (as if I was working all along!).  When I plainly reply that I'm not going anywhere, they are quite surprised and say, you should go!  Coming from a place where taking holidays is a distant dream, there are not even 'weekend getaways', I find their surprise amusing.

And holidays and 'taking off to some distant place' is not a feature only of families with small children, but everyone, even priests!  Some just take off!  Lucky are those parishes where he makes some alternative arrangements for the days he is away.  Some just announce and leave it to the parishioners to arrange for priests, if they wish to have mass in the parish for those days.  No wonder, we've been receiving several calls for 'supply' (chaplaincy) over the last few days - mostly from lay people!  

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