Monday, 31 July 2017

Rain day

An article in today's newspaper laments that nearly 10% of todays young people have never seen a live cow.  A clear 20% have never ever been to a countryside, leave alone seen agriculture or farming or animal husbandry.  True indeed.

I laugh my head off when I hear that my nephew and niece have such special days at school: 'Rain day', when they asked to get raincoat to school, so that they can go out in the rain!!  And at home they are prevented from playing in the rain. 'Nature day': when they get to see come cows and poultry in a farm - far off!  I remember when we were kids we were taken once in a while to the zoo to see the wild animals.  Today kids are being taken to see domestic animals!!  Days are not far when we'd have 'neighbours day' when we will see and greet neighbours for once!  Gone are the days of climbing trees, playing in the rain or the scorching sun, eating fruits on the tree itself (even without plucking them!), sliding in slush and dirt, getting bitten by all sorts of ants, insects and reptiles, walking barefoot all over the place, getting bruised playing it rough on the 'playground', riding a cow or a buffalo, stealing fruits from the neighbours farm, 'hijacking' a fallen coconut and trying to peel it with bare hands...

Am happy that my people back in Hyderabad have shifted home.  The present place is close to a lake and is still rural in some ways.  At least that way, my nephew and niece will get to see and live with some animals, birds and insects, and know how thrilling life close to nature can be.    

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