Thursday, 20 July 2017

Preservation by isolation?

The idea of 'getting back Britain' through Brexit, has quite a few who wonder what exactly is to be 'got back'?  I personally am not sure - blame it on my political ignorance!  However, one thing I know for sure, the English were the most 'geography thirsty' people in history.  After the Romans under Alexander, if there was any country which had colonies dotted across the globe it was the British.  If at all, anyone can really talk of 'getting back' it is these colonies which can speak of it in the truest sense.

Britain has barely been alone in any of its quests or ventures outside its shores.  It has always been piggy riding on its power by making others do things for them.  Looking back at the history of India, those Indians who fought in the first and second world war, barely made it to the history books.  Most of these men fought under the British flag and yet I wonder if the names of these men were ever recorded anywhere at all. Having seen some interior villages of England, the names and memory of those who went to war, especially those who died, from that particular village are fiercely protected and proudly displayed.  Well, I guess the Indians did not count - they were dispensable non-entities.

Even the very idea of segregation of a population, a strategy Hitler made use of to the hilt through his concentration camps, was actually of the British minds.  It was first used in South Africa during the Anglo-Boer war.  So now when Britain wants to exit the European Union, this idea of 'preserving itself' appears strange.  A sizeable English population does not really appreciate the multi-coloured reality London is turning out to be!  Even if these non-white Londoners swear by and live their allegiance to the English law, they are not considered 'English'.

If Brexit is a ploy to fortify itself against everything 'non-white' then Britain ought to remember that a compound wall not only prevents outsiders from coming in, it imprisons those within!  

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