Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Film and philosophy

I read one of the articles on Aeon a couple of days ago... it was about film and philosophy.  It speaks of the great connection between film and philosophy.  More so about philosophy learning from film.
I suppose this is because philosophy is a combination of art and science.  While most philosophers would deny this and claim philosophy to be a pure science, the very core of philosophy (namely the ability to trigger reflection rather than answers, questions rather than solutions, introspection rather than experimentation) shows otherwise.
Most important, however, given philosophers’ unhealthy obsession with rationality, filmmakers can teach them what it means to be human: about our messy ways, about how shifty, complex and ultimately irrational we can be. We are driven by emotions and passions as much as we are by reason; we employ mythical imagination just as much as argumentative thinking. And, perhaps, philosophy should for its own good be more generous with its definitions and humbler in relation to other fields. From film, for example, it can learn many a useful thing – human warmth, social urgency and a way of speaking directly to the human heart – things that don’t abound in philosophical texts. Read more ....

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