Saturday, 8 July 2017

Recycling good goods

Yesterday and today I made trips to the Community Recycling Centre near the Lyne farm, about 5 miles from my place.  Went there to dump all the branches and garden waste that has been piling up.  Since the garden bin is collected only once in two weeks, I had to always minimize my "clearing"!  Anyway, finally decided to drive down there and dump what has been cut so far.  (Fr John, pulling my leg, tells me to next take down the huge tree that is right infront of the house!).

Anyway, driving to this recycling centre, there are different sections and places where different things are to be deposited.  Besides dumping construction material, all other things are 'free'.  If only our Indian bhangar walas (the scrap dealers) were to come here, they'd mint loads of money overnight!!  Looking at all the things that people dump there is a bit heart breaking.  Honestly, two-thirds of things there is good stuff, just not wanted by the owners.  I did not really look at everything there, for fear that I may get back more stuff back home than what I took to discard! But it is saddening to see all the good things that just get 'wasted'.  

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