Saturday, 15 July 2017

Save animals... kill people?

And I thought India's craze for the cow (an animal) was a stray one, till I read this news on BBC.
Cat killer jailed for 16 years...

Well I do honestly believe that no creature should be tortured, leave alone killed.  While I am not a vegetarian, I cannot get myself to eat the flesh of an animal if I see it being killed.  However, I do eat meat - in fact, anything at all! But this fanatic reverence of the cow over and above human beings and their well being, and sometimes even at the cost of human life and limb, is just idiotic.  And is the cow the most important issue that a country needs to debate about?

However the following wrap up by Faye D'Souza on Mirror Now  (the Urban debate) is spot on right.  She hits the nail on the head! Watch the following video from 53.34

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