Saturday, 29 July 2017

Fishy meal

Last night for starters during meal we had sushi!  This was the first time for the three of us at table to eat sushi.  I had only heard of it being the favourite dish of the Japanese and knew that it was something about fish.  But on our platter at table there were a different varieties and shapes of "sushi".  So Fr Sean and I were thinking that perhaps the most common element of it all, being white would be the sushi.  Because I was under the impression that sushi is a type of fish!  After meal, Katie asked me how I liked the taste? I answered that I honestly did not find a taste at all. It all tasted like rice to me!  To which Katie replied, yes there is sticky rice in it!  I replied surprised, Really?  She was surprised and said, "Vincent, of all people, you should know that it is rice!"  "Then where is the sushi?" I asked in all my innocence.  That's when Katie patiently replied that the whole thing is called sushi, rice with bits of raw fish.

Okay! Another new thing learnt!  

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