Wednesday, 5 July 2017

Salesian Gardens - Tutsan

This evening I had a bright idea.  Instead of asking those around me what the name of the plant or the flower was - and in most cases, they'd ask me back! - I downloaded an app (plantnet) which helps identify plants and flowers.  Google was rather useless in this regard.  Every time I tried to identify the a particular flower through a photo, it would give me two or three options: flower, flower and some totally different flower which had no resemblance to the one I wished to identify.  I guess, it is yet to acquire the ecological sense!

So here's one from our Salesian Gardens.  Tutsan (Hypericum androsaemum).  What Katie told me was that it could be 'honey-suckle'.  Well I discovered that it is considered a weed in some parts of the world!  But it has small lovely yellow flowers and the shrub is full of them.  Then there appear berries which are initially white, green, then red then turn black.  They are poisonous!!  Wow!  At present in the shrub in my garden there are no more flowers but plenty of berries, all red.

This is how the flower looks...

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