Sunday, 2 July 2017

Pat Barnes

This morning during the 8.30 Mass in the Parish, Fr Michael, the Parish Priest felicitated Ms Patricia Barnes for her consistent and quality contribution by way of accompanying the liturgical singing at the piano during the Sunday Masses for the past 42 years!  He presented her with a papal blessing from Rome (a certificate).  She was delighted and quite surprised to receive this special gift in front of the whole community.

In fact, the Barnes' (Brian and Pat) are the only family that I know in the whole of Chertsey, besides my own Salesians.  Both of them have been kind to me and have even invited me out for a couple of magic shows and events.  But a commitment like that for 42 years... consistently and with great care and precision is something remarkable.  In the whole range of activities carried out in the whole Church all round the year, this may seem not a very outstanding one, but the consistency is what strikes me: every Sunday, for the 8.30 Mass, all through the year, for 42 years!  Now she does not play the organ for the Mass because her health is very delicate and her fingers don't really follow her mind. But she still enlivens the Church with her bright smile and kindness.  

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