Tuesday, 25 July 2017

Hay fever

One of the many pleasant memories I have of my 5 years of stay in Kondadaba was the continued learning of the local language.  Well it was Telugu, but not the same Telugu as elsewhere.  Most of all, it was a constant 'upgrade' trying to understand what Apparao our gardener spoke.  (I was better; Fr KT Jose who was there for 12 years still could not follow most of what Apparao spoke and neither did Apparao understand what Fr KT spoke!).  Anyway, the adventure was always enriching and entertaining.

Being here in the UK, one gets to pick up typical phrases and sayings of English particular to the British.  'Hay fever' is one that I learnt today.  In my usual existing vocabulary it would be 'pollen allergy'.  There are some who struggle much or little, especially the following morning, after a couple of hours of work in the garden.  Here in UK it is referred to as 'hay fever'.  Those allergic to pollen end up sneezing, blowing their noses, struggling for breath, eyes turning red or struggling to keep them open or close them...

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