Saturday, 22 July 2017

Fastest liquid

The other day we were discussing about milk.  Know not how on earth we reached that topic, but there we were talking about it. Fr Marco stated that in some parts of Italy you could get milk straight from the farm.  All you need is a container of your own.  Of course, it is dished out from a machine.  Fr Sean recalled that in his younger days farmers would come around the houses selling milk.  Straight from the dairy. There was nothing called processing or skimmed milk.  It was just milk.  Of course such a practice would be totally abhorred here in the UK at present.  The 'health and safety' motto would never ever allow such practices!  To which Fr Sean replied, "Well, I survived this long drinking that milk supplied by the farmer!" (He is 84 today!).

I maintained a wise silence, with images of how milk is transported and distributed back in India, playing in my mind... and in a way repeating to myself Fr Sean's words!

To wrap up on a lighter note:
Do you know which is the fastest liquid?
It is pasteurized (past-your-eyes) much before it reaches you! 

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