Thursday, 20 July 2017

Happy b'day: Fr Sean

Yesterday we also celebrated the b'day of Fr Sean.  The actual date was almost two weeks ago. But since he was away in Ireland to be with his only surviving sick sister, we could not celebrate it earlier.  He turned 84 now.  Given his age, he is still perfectly fine and healthy.  Good for him he did not agree to go to Farnborough.  Like me he too does not have any responsibility in the community, other than being present!  However, he does much more than me for certain! He is an early riser... is up by 4.30 am!! (just a couple of hours after I've hit bed!!). Every weekend he drives about 200 miles to assist at a Parish of his long time friend.  He is the delegate of the past pupils and knows practically each boy who passed out of Bootle and Blaisedon (where he spent most of his years) from years back!

The past one month has been hard for him as he lost his younger brother and sister within a span of three weeks. Yesterday while thanking the community for our support he said that the fact of their death really did not hit him till someone recently asked him where would he go now for his holidays?  His brother and sister were unmarried and lived in their parental house which has now been put on sale.  His only surviving sister, a Nun is in Ireland itself.  Reminded me of what some other Salesians used to say, 'Once the parents are no more, going home for holidays for us religious is no more the same!'  

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