Saturday, 15 July 2017

I watch the sunrise...

Have heard this hymn just a couple of times earlier, and always felt greatly at peace at those moments.  We sang it today at the diamond jubilee ordination celebrations of Fr Peter Burns.  Like most the words of the chorus... endorsing my conviction that He is always with me; it is I who needs to feel His presence!
...You are always close to me, following all my ways.
May I be always close to You, following all Your ways, Lord!


I watch the sunrise lighting the sky,
Casting its shadows near.
And on this morning bright though it be,
I feel those shadows near me.

But you are always close to me 
Following all my ways. 
May I be always close to you 
Following all your ways, Lord. 

I watch the sunlight shine through the clouds,
Warming the earth below.
And at the mid-day, life seems to say:
"I feel your presence near me."

For you are always . . . 

I watch the sunset fading away,
Lighting the clouds with sleep.
And as the evening closes its eyes,
I feel your presence near me.

For you are always . . . 

I watch the moonlight guarding the night,
waiting till morning comes.
The air is silent, earth is at rest –
only your peace is near me.

For you are always . . .

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