Friday, 7 July 2017

Joseph and his amazing dream coat

I was thrilled to watch once again the amazing musical 'Joseph and his amazing multi-colour dreamcoat' this time put up by the school and staff of the Salesian school.  The added thrill was that Fr Marco was playing the role of Pharoah.

I first was part of this great piece of art while studying philosophy at The Divyadaan, Nashik.  I was part of the technical team and hence was thorough with every bit of the musical.  Watching it again after 18 years flooded my mind with all the memories associated with all the rehearsals and characters played back then by the Brothers!  Branco as Joseph, Emma as the narrator, Blany directing the whole play, Cletus Pats as Potipher's wife, Claudius choreographing and guiding me with the technical tricks, Chris as Jacob, Bastin as the baker, Parish youth dancing the calypso and jive, the "zone B" problem with the amplifier being operated by Wyman, Shanker and James Kariuki at the spot lights, ... !!

The performance today was quick and beautiful.  The children were truly amazing. All the actors, except Pharaoh, were students. Only the musical accompaniment had some staff members.  The casting and choreography was slightly different from the one I still remember of Nashik but the same lyrics, same thrill, same excitement.  The experience was different though... this time as a spectator.  But every now and then I found my eyes welling up remembering my Nashik days!

And of all the songs, the best one, then and now, is the one titled 'Any dream will do...'

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