Wednesday, 26 July 2017

Creepers, survivors and thrivers

Am yet to identify this flower. It is from a creeper.  A couple of 'experts' had a look but were unable to identify the flower.  Surprisingly the creeper is small and not a large dense bush.
Then there is this particular plant.  Again, yet to be identified.  In winter it sheds all its leaves and looks 'dead' with just the its branches.  Only with the onset of summer does it start to sprout the leaves. And they look good.  Another amazing feature of the leaves is that once they fall, the colour slowly turns into bright flourescent orange! 

Unfortunately it is growing in the lawn and John wants it out of the way!  I had initially tried to grow it from its branches.  Did not succeed.  However, a couple of weeks ago noticed small plants sprouting from its roots.  I've successfully transplanted one (behind Our Lady's statue - and placed an old bench on top of it, to save if from being trampled by the fox that visits us at night!) and another in a small pot.  There are a couple more growing on the ground still.  Need to shift them to small pots and then cut the big plant.  

the small plants sprouting from the roots
With good steady and slow rains for the last three days, this particular balloon flower (Platycodon grandiflorus) is the largest that has bloomed on this plant so far! 

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