Monday, 17 July 2017

Community prayer and work

When I reached Chertsey eight months ago, I found the sort of arrangement - residence away from the apostolate - a bit strange and odd.  Of the five us, no two worked in the same place, leave alone the work places being something owned by the Salesians!  In truth, I was asking myself, how 'Salesian' is this?

Now having spent more than half a year and having a better picture not only of the work being carried out from Chertsey but across the Province of GBR, I am more understanding and optimistic of this way of living.  In fact, this evening as I sat for prayer, it struck me that if only we were to adopt this model back in India, it would be tremendous!  Am not sure if this would be ideal for a city setting, but in rural or semi-urban parts of India, residing among the people and working just like them in some place would be a great example of religious life.  It is not the work as such, but the living together, the community dimension that would raise a million doubts among the neighbours.  Invariably they would seek to understand.  We may be working in different parts of the place, doing ordinary jobs but living under one roof, praying together, spending quality time with one another and sharing our experiences would be a great example of religious life.  We would not need some high end job, just enough to carry us through our basic needs.  No large buildings to build, lavish food to eat but earn enough not to be a burden to the Province. No earning chunks and doling it out in charity.  Naturally our faith and goodwill will propel us to do more than just our jobs in our work places - it would help us build the neighbourhood.  Our life and lifestyle would be the real witness.

Am well aware that some Sisters do this and it has not been widely accepted by all in the congregation.  But living this way is being part of the larger community at its basic level.  None can accuse us of being outsiders.  Neither are we word/verbal preachers!  We may not able to change the whole place all at once, but we can certainly sow the seed of faith, by our very community life of witness - living together as brothers, even though not bound by blood, radiant with the joy and simplicity of life beyond mere human means.  

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