Saturday, 10 October 2009

Never give up!

I've been watching the little bird, from the nest outside my office, take off since yesterday morning. Unfortunately it hasn't been able to take off yet. It still keeps flapping its tiny wings and only manages to stay in the air for a few seconds only. As time goes by I find myself getting anxious to see it really fly away! So every time I hear a high-pitched twitter, I rush out of my office to see what is wrong. I can imagine the anxiety of its parents who keep flying up and down, in and out, all day long. They have been still feeding it but their attempts to get it to really fly along with them are really praiseworthy (though futile, till now). Last evening it kept calling out for its parents, but I did not see the parents for long. Then it was dark. I thought the parents had now given upon it. But I was wrong. This morning the parents are back and they are here with their little one.

Just a while ago as I tried to shoo the little one away from the verandah (I feared it might get trampled upon) into the garden, it suddenly flew onto my arm. Wow!! I luckily had the camera in hand, perhaps just for this.

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