Thursday, 15 October 2009

A day at DB, Sanathanagar

Yesterday I was in Don Bosco School, Sanathanagar, my alma mater. Since I had the time I took a walk around the campus and every step I took flooded my mind with lovely memories of my school days. The dogs kennel with those ferocious dogs (now there are dogs, and ferocious ones too - but that's only a daschund!) Then there were the German Shepherds. To get past them to the Rabbits place was a great thrill!! Some of us would not get past the dogs kennel for fear they would pounce on us thorugh the grill!!! Then the rabbits place - now no more. There was down below the place, along the compound wall in the corner, Fr Lens' vegetable garden. Now there is the BIE building. Then the bus driver's quarters where my best friend Seby lived. Now it's all abandoned.

There still runs the canteen. But it's not the same with Paddu and his people in it. I also made it a point to show to Willy and Roshni the sapling that I planted with Fr James and our whole gang. Of course, it is now a huge tree, right at the entrance of the school on the playground edge.

Then watching the boys and girls run around playing games, I too was tempted to join them and kick the football and shoot some baskets... But was weary of spoiling my clothes as I had to travel in a couple of hours! What a pity!! I also met some of my teachers: Susamma, Mr Ravindran, Ms Grace, Jovita, Jennifer, Pushpa... it was good. Moreover to hear from them about the school was another experience.

Best was the walk I took down the road to say hello to Papa at home. I just spent a couple of minutes but it was great. To top it all was the serious discussion I had with Willy and Roshni in the school grounds just before I drafted the final report of the Visiatation.

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