Thursday, 8 October 2009

Praying and staying together: Parish Community

Yesterday evening, being the feast of the Holy Rosary, we prayed the Rosary together with the staff of the house. It reminded me of those old days when the Parish was smaller and our Chapel served as the Parish Church. There used to be lot of life then. Being a small community, interaction was at a deeper and friendly level. The month of May used to be special. Being fervent devotees of Mother Mary, the whole family used to come every evening to the Provincial house for the Rosary and Mass. As Brothers some of us used to take turns to animate the services. The summer camp then, though only for 10-15 children, was a full time work. And I am glad that those children, now young men and women, some of them even married and with their own children, do remember those days with great joy and pride. At times when they meet me they narrate of incidents which I hardly remember; but for them, they are as vivid as yesterday!

The most surprising and happiest of all "metamorphosis" is that of Franco. He was most uncouth and indisciplined of the lot. Today he is such a refined guy that I can hardly believe my eyes every time I meet him. I think his wife, Radhika has a big role in his change for the better. Whatever be the case, I truly am happy for all of them. The only guy who still seems to be searching for his identity is Laddu. Hope he settles down fast, especially to the satisfaction and consolation of his aging mother.

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