Saturday, 3 October 2009

Life and living/dying

For the past two days I have been hearing a weak twitter while in my office. Yesterday I ventured out to investigate the source. I was so glad to see the nest just outside my office with three small ones!! This morning I tried to click a few pictures but did not want to disturb them or worse still, frighten the mother bird.

Now as I follow the devastation and confusion caused due to the tsunami, earthquake and floods in the Philippines, Samoa, ... and in my own state of Andhra Pradesh, I wonder what a strange game play of life and death. On the one hand, life in some places is cut short and elsewhere - and even may be in these very places too - life continues to emerge as though nothing is amiss. Perhaps a reminder for us that life carries on with its cycle; it is we who make it worth living (or dying) by how we view and utilise life.

God bless everyone... those who lost their lives, those battling for life, those mourning the loss of their beloveds (and life-earnings), those involved in the relief works... and even my new bird friends outside my office.

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