Sunday, 25 October 2009

Energising a movement

Fr Anchukandam Thomas, the Salesian Provincial of Bangalore (INK) and the SPCSA representative, in his goodnight to the participants of the South Asia Communication Meeting, shed new light on the Strenna 2010 of the Rector Major (of making the Salesian Family a movement). He said that, in order to make this envisaged movement an efficient reality five essential features need to be strengthened: the centrality of the person, the intended/proposed programme, the effective and vibrant communication of them both, the consistency (between the person and the programme proposed) and the necessity of getting significant people, related to realizing this goal, on board.

I found this synthetic procedure quite precise and appealing may be because it primarily challenges each confrere to take responsibility for the movement.

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  1. So true... and I guess even in Pakistan we are not spared from this task and your post gives us a good advice. God bless you Bro! Take care.


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