Sunday, 11 October 2009

History outside the archives (2)

Last night was 'enlightenment' night - only it was anything but good!! Talking to a friend late last night, helped me 'see' things in such a new and different light, that it changed my whole perspective of what is currently going on in the Province. There were several incidents and things that I was a witness to. All seemingly simple and innocent. I saw or heard them and never gave it a thought. But last night's conversation gave me one small insight and gosh! - I now see how all of it is connected and that too so intricately. Now to really 'record' that as history outside the archives is something I cannot do here. But I certainly will ... sometime, someday!

As I lay on bed saying my final prayer for the day, I could not but admire God for the miracle of religious life and sanctity. That in spite of such murky and sinister religious politics, religious life and the Church still do exist - That's a real miracle. But my last prayer was not for the misguided ones, I prayed rather for those who throw themselves in for God and His people, mindless of what the outcome is. Greater are those who continue doing the best they ever can, in spite of knowing all the scams that are going on around them - and knowing well that the ones they love and respect are also involved in this. Having done their best to show them the light - and failed - they continue doing the good they can do. To have that serenity and focus of strength and power is indeed a great gift.

God bless them all and may their tribe increase!

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