Tuesday, 20 October 2009

A holiday from money and finances

Today I saw another dimension of the havoc money - excess of it or irresponsible accounting of it - creates in communities. Listening to the growing dissent among confreres and people and all involved when it comes to finances, I am convinced that half of our life and energies is spend on finance related matters. At times I feel, there should be some 'retreat' period declared by the Rector Major about money and funds. Just declare that for a month (atleast), there would be no discussion or debate or argument about money, funds and allocation and anything related to it - have nothing to do with finance! Just let us all take a holiday from counting money and dancing round it and go and be with the boys. No need of planning and constructing large mansions or putting up industries. Let's just live a simple life with those for whom we promised the last drop of our blood and breath of our life.

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