Friday, 23 October 2009

Thinking outside the box

I met Ms Mukti at her office, Healing fields, this afternoon. Fr Noel had cleverly passed on his offer to me to be part of a panel she was assembling for a study she intends to carry out. This is the first time that I got to be part of a networking team, outside the Salesian circles. Listening to the various people who were part of this team (seven of us from varying fields: one is an advocate, one lady is a senior professor in Osmania university, another an expert on health and nutrition...) was an experience in itself. In the beginning I thought I'd only have time to pick up words and get used to the jargon. But I am happy I was able to see things a bit differently perhaps since I was the only one not directly into the theme under discussion: health care and research study.

The day's experience was another confirmation of the need to think and see 'beyond the box'! The ideas and insights that emerge from different quarters are at times so refreshing that they change the whole line of thought and lead one to avenues otherwise thought to be non-existent.

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