Wednesday, 28 October 2009

Being passionate about somone!

This day's session during the Social Communication meeting concluded with me ending up more confused than with any clear ideas about the "Centres of Communication". As I still battle it out, I tried to find out what exactly was our focus on, in debating the whole issue about the identity and mission of the Communication Centres. Perhaps each centre has its own identity and mission; at times quite different from the one the Congregation expects such a centre to have. Whatever be the case, there is much good being done. If only we are a little more open and serious about the real purpose of communication, much more could be achieved.

The three days meeting (so far) has taught me one thing: people are different and they think differently. But even among those who are like-minded, concerns differ. There are those who have grand ideas but no practical knowledge of how to go about materialising those ideas. There are others who have all the money in the world but no brains to put it to the best use possible (neither the sense to invest it rightly)! Then there are some who have neither money nor ideas, but tons of enthusiasm and are willing to pour out every ounce of themselves for any opportunity to do good (These guys do not have a vision themselves but goodwill). Very few though have a vision, a foresight by which they pick and choose their individual deeds; so as to arrive at that final goal they envision all along. There are a few others who have a few ideas, no money, no big support but good will and the eagerness to do what they can, to the best of their ability; money or no money, they do what they can, in the best way possible to them.

Of the many things Fr Fili said in the past two days, I liked his insistence on setting our sight clearly on the poor young; being communicators does not grant us an exception to that. What, how, where we do, ought to be guided by the 'Why?' of our Profession/commitment - or is it 'WHO'? I would think it is the latter. The passion to do something will have a greater meaning and relevance when it is for someone (young people/Don Bosco/God...).

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