Friday, 6 November 2009

Time, pressure and motivation

Much water has flown under the bridge since I last blogged - not more than the recent floods though! There was the Social Communication Meeting, with its own experiences, reflections and fond memories. The latest was the Preparatory Session for PC7 and the council which concluded last night. The best part of the prep session was the group discussion we had (mostly confreres from the Formation houses, except Fr Johny and myself). It struck me that due to paucity of personnel how we get stretched out far beyond our capacities, even without our awareness. Looking at myself, I still wonder how I survived the previous year (Secretary, DB DIGITS, Administration, classes... not to mention the other responsibilities that come along). While it is true that lost in all these things we cannot really concentrate on any one responsibility and do full justice to it; I also have a feeling that the best out of us is 'extracted' only when we are pushed to our limits by our own choice (or we set deadlines for ourselves). The other alternative is that we should be so motivated that time or place should make no big difference in giving of our best - but isn't that what we really profess when we join the congregation?

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