Friday, 27 November 2009

Doing charity vs being socially responsible

Recently there was this suggestion to raise funds through a unique scheme: collect just Re 1 from donors in a month, not more not less. Frankly speaking the first time I heard this, I said to myself, that is as good as begging! For what use will just a meagre collection of 1 Re coins be. But then it slowly dawned on me that there is a very big value in executing this idea ... much more than collecting huge amounts at one go.

I state this because the scheme is more about involving people, CONSISTENTLY rather than be happy with a one-time act of charity. It is aimed at helping people grow in social awareness and responsibility rather than doling out amounts once in a way and patting our back saying, 'we are doing charity'. This contribution of Re 1 every month ensures that I remember I have a share and duty for the cause I am contributing. That 'nagging feeling' that I have to do this every month (just Re 1 and not more!) is itself a good lesson than paying some Rs 100 at one go and forgetting about what we gave that money for the very next moment!

There's a huge difference being charitable and doing charity. But becoming socially responsible and involved citizens is a higher calling.

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