Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Being serious about what you are upto!

Till this evening I only thought that these young theologians are only interested in this course and want to know more about it, basically for the heck of it. But before I concluded the sessions for the day, I had this bright idea to get their questions and queries, if any, in writing. I was really surprised that they were serious about this whole course, not just interested. What's more, when one of them came to me asking if I could help him formulate the 'constitutions' of his youth group which he intends to register!! I myself never got that idea at all. So when he asked me for help, I was totally dumbfounded. All the same, I frankly told him that I really did not have any experience in that line, but I surely would give it a thought and help him with what I could. This is turning out to be more that what I bargained for!! No wonder I'm beginning to ask myself if, mere qualities are sufficient without the support of qualifications?

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