Friday, 20 November 2009

Goal in life

The concluding session of the Youth Ministry course forced me to reflect on one serious point: What exactly is my final goal/motto in life? It surely cannot be 'becoming a Salesian Brother', because that I already am. What then could it be that would last my whole lifetime? What is it that would direct my every thought, word and deed till they put me in my grave?

Reflecting this from the perspective of the students, I wondered, because if Priesthood is the goal, then what after ordination? Then they'd start looking for another goal? It then dawned on me that the 'ultimate dream' or the final goal ought to be something larger than just one moment of my life. My Priesthood or being a Brother can be the most meaningful and relevant path to that goal, but not the goal itself.

I'm still wondering if it could be of my decision to be meaningful to myself and useful to others?

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