Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Communicating and having a good day!

I took time out this morning (just an extension yesterday's self-proclaimed holiday) to revamp my iGoogle homepage! It looks good now... added a few features here and there and then some crazy things too.

This morning I was wondering on the message of the Rector Major about the 100 ways of communicating and being 'in the new playground' where young people are more and more present these days: the ICT! In a way it was a sort of consolation for me, that I've not really been 'wasting my time' on the net! Am glad that I can at least navigate through the net world without getting lost absolutely. What more, I was pleasantly surprised when I overheard one of the Parish youngster telling another one that I'm good at computers and the internet! For once I did not want to correct the exaggeration!! Anyway, so far so good.

Surprisingly I am relaxed, knowing very well that an avalanche of work will soon be cascading on me. But fine, so far so good. I have kept things well sorted out and it should not be a problem at all. Have a good day, Castilino!!!

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