Sunday, 22 November 2009

Straddling many boats and yet afloat!

Am back at home after a full week of being on the move and on my feet, literally!! First there was the Communication Meeting in Chennai, then the Youth animation course in Eluru and yesterday, I was in Gunadala for the seminar on Salesian Brotherhood. The previous week was another long trip to Kondadaba for teaching the second years Immanuel Kant. And all along, I was also keeping up with my office work, as Secretary (thanks to the laptop and internet connectivity!). It has been a whole round of activities I've been involved in and interested in: Philosophy, communication, youth animation, Brotherhood and my responsibility of now, Secretaryship too! It was all quite a bit of juggling to balance and prepare and do my best for each place, group and theme I was handling. At times had a thought if I needed to shed this multi-tasking mode and get settled and concentrate on one field only. But which one??? However, I'd prefer to keep things as now. I really cannot say that I'll be better off in one field without meddling in the other fields simultaneously primarily because each of them enriches and widens my horizon. Each field, in its own way, forces me to think and go beyond myself and keep myself 'useful to others and meaningful to oneself'!

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