Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Looking at the Salesian 'me'

I reached this morning to the theologate and philosophate of the Missionaries of Compassion, a break-away group of the Heralds of the Good News, in Eluru. I was invited by the dean of the theology faculty for a course in youth ministry for the 30 students of theology. At first I was a bit frightened if I could really live up to the job. I'd earlier dealt with children and may be an occasional talk to youngsters (may be for an hour or so, not more). But not for three full days and that too to students of theology. My biggest apprehension was how motivated were the students to attend this course. However, this morning as I entered the classroom I was very relieved to see the enthusiasm writ all over their faces. The first 15 mins. proved to me their keen interest in the topic as I presume this was not something so easily available to them. It then struck me that what I almost took for granted and in a sense become so part of me, is mainly because of me being and living a Salesian life. Therefore I just am cherishing the part of getting out of myself and looking at the Salesian 'me' basically from the eyes of these theology students. And believe me it is very amusing.

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