Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Fr PE Abraham

Fr PE Abraham is with us for the past two days. Interacting with him, we are more and more convinced that he is quite deaf!! As Fr TV casually but rightly pointed out, he has run out on steam! Though it is very comical to listen to him answer something totally different from what is asked of him, at times I feel bad. To see what age can make of one so dynamic and vibrant... ! But he still has the same tenacity: he wouldn't let go off anything that he is interested in... come what may!

On the one hand, I totally disagree with all that he has to say about 'mission' and everything related to it. But on the other, I wonder how on earth did he make this sudden swing from being a grass-rooter to an 'evangeliser'. I have heard several people speak greatly of him as the Principal of Sacred Heart, Tirupattur. The fact that that college made a decisive turn for the poor and dalit people in the early 60s and 70s is all attributed to his intervention and action, especially as the Principal.

However as of now, it is more annoying than entertaining with him around. But I think for all that he has been, he deserves better, especially from me.

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