Sunday, 25 October 2009

Interchanging Bartemeus and Jesus

Even today, of all days, I was distracted during the Holy Mass - the reading of the Gospel, to be specific. The Gospel was about Bartemeus calling on Jesus to grant him his sight. While Fr KJ Louis beautifully shared that it was more about insight than mere sight, I had another "insight": Then, it was Bartemeus who was calling on the Lord - and the Lord heard him (in spite of all the noise around!). Then all that happened is recorded in the Gospel of Mark.

My distraction began the moment I playfully interchanged Jesus and Bartemeus... Imagine Jesus sitting down along the road and asking us, passing by, to reach out to him. What would Bartemeus do? Would he, in all his 'well being', hear the plea of Jesus, the 'lesser being'? Even if he did hear the cry, would Bartemeus reach out?

Today I think it is the Lord himself who is calling out, asking us to reach out to him - in the poor, the marginalised, the down-trodden and those stripped of their basic human dignity. Reminds me of Abraham Joshua Heschel and his idea of 'God in search of man'!

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