Monday, 5 October 2009

Of mobiles and laptops

Last night some of us went for a movie in a theatre nearby (not worth mentioning anything more about the movie, though!). What caught my attention was the interval scene which unfolded all around me. Just when the lights came on for the interval, I found everyone around me, literally everyone, had their cell phones in hand! To my surprise, I found my hand too in my pocket reaching for the cell phone!! It took a while for me to desist the temptation and leave the cell phone in my pocket itself. After the movie was over, I found the same scene repeat itself. Everyone coming down the stairs and going out through the exit had their cell phones in hand. During the interval I did some introspection and found that besides the cell phone, my computer (laptop) is another gadget that I'm "addicted" to. If I'm not using either of it, I really feel uneasy. My laptop is on mostly all through the day - and night. But not that bad also as I've been making a serious effort at staying off my computer for as long as possible. Not very successful all the time, but the effort is a serious one!

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